[BGM ASMR] Special Makeup Salon with Paper cosmetic (Layered ASMR)

*BGM Version (배경음악) : Erik Satie – Gymnopedie no.1
*NON BGM Version (배경음악 없는 버전 보기)

*Please read it first! 🐰💗*
Hello, everyone. This is Judyasmr.
Today is a special ‘paper cosmetic makeup shop ASMR’
Not too long ago, I saw a video about a paper doll house on the bus and I was inspired to make it.
The sound was later recorded separately and added to the actual sound of cosmetics when I edited this video. I hope you all enjoy it.
There are so many comments on my channel these days that I can’t press the heart button every time. I’m sorry about that. But I’m really appreciate for your comments.
I think the only way to repay my subscribers is to upload good ASMR videos.
so I’m working harder, please look forward to it!

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*I’ve been putting up Korean and English subtitle myself, but the rest of the languages are written using Google Translator because there are many requests for subtitles from foreign subscribers, but there are no people who volunteer for community subtitles. I think there will be a lot of mistakes using the translator. It’s because I used a translator, so please keep that in mind!

[Fashion Info]
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  1. Judy asmr より:

    *BGM Version (배경음악) : Erik Satie – Gymnopedie no.1
    *NON BGM Version (배경음악 없는 버전 보기)

  2. Y K より:

    すごく大好き!なんだけど偽まつげで笑ってしまうw 応援してます!!

  3. 우너경 より:

    와 정말 후시녹음을 하시면 어떨까하면서 조용히 기다렸는데 …. 기대이상 너무 좋아요

  4. imane amouna より:

    she’s verrrrrry beautifullllll

  5. Bunumi4U より:

    What you don’t know is that I’m a paper doll